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Why don’t 3D Sonic games just use driving controls?

Likewise, the Out Run series hasn’t seen a truly new entry since 2003’s Out Run 2, a classic racing game that’s been yanked from digital storefronts due to a lapsed Ferrari license. That said, any future Out Run games need to forgo real-world automobile licenses so the titles can exist, digitally, for generations to come. The game was later re-released as Sonic Mania Plus which featured two new playable characters, including Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, four player split screen, and a new mode called Encore Mode. These new modes are also now available as a DLC for the original digital version, which is known as the Encore DLC. For as long as there have been games there have been fans cracking them open and stuffing new levels inside them – unofficially, of course.

Sonic Frontiers from Sonic Team has all the right moves with controls, level design, looks, feel, and structure. What it needs to work on is making the game more pointed in its narrative and flowing without interruption. This game has a great skeleton, now all it requires is some solid content to fill some of that narrative disconnect. It contains some great elements, but it’s far from perfect.


These bonus stages have you collecting blue spheres to pick up speed to reach the UFO, while also gathering rings to put more time on the clock, all while being presented in Sega Saturn-inspired visuals. Though Sonic Mania is published by Sega, its development team consists of notable members of the Sonic fan-game community. The game was helmed by Christian Whitehead, who was famously recruited by Sega to port a number of the classic Sonic titles to mobile platforms, and teamed by PagodaWest and Headcanon, who have a few Sonic fan-games to their resume. Whatever Sonic games that did shine during this time were those that played closest to the Genesis playbook, with Sonic Colors and Generations becoming fan favorites.

  • At best these can be a cute little distraction but at worst they can be rather irritating to get through with awkward controls and needlessly short time limits.
  • I had a hard time with every level glitching out and killing me time after time.
  • Sonic also attains a new ability known as the Cyloop, allowing emulatorgames.online/games/sonic him to create a closed trail of light with a variety of uses in both combat and puzzle-solving.
  • I haven’t played it, but as someone who just started getting into Metroid in the past couple of years…

The funny thing is, for me, they’ve proved that Sonic can be bad if it’s 16bit . Outside of the earlier Sonic Advance games, I haven’t enjoyed any of the 2D attempts. As one of the 2 people who like Sonic and the Secret Ring I wouldn’t mind playing any running down a tube levels with the Gyro. Atrocious camera angles lead to cheap deaths, the slippery controls make it difficult to get a handle on the characters and the game has a large problem with pacing. It tries to mix in side missions with general stages, and the disastrous results ruin the game.

The Real Reason Why Modern Sonic Games are Bad

They’re perfectly fine with free fan games, but the moment you try to make money off of a game using their intellectual property, their lawyers will rain fury on you. All the mods on this list so far have built on top of another Sonic game. Created by Sonic Team Junior, it uses the Doom Legacy version of the classic shooter to produce a pseudo-3D platformer.

Sonic World (Fan Game) for Windows

If you think that Sega was quick to toss out a DMCA claim of its own, think again. The official Sonic channel actually commented on the Game Grumps video, and said “Keep making great stuff, Sonic fans.” This obviously made the day of the creator of the fan game, SuperSonic68. There’s always been an underwritten fact that a community of Sonic fans have had their idea of how a Sonic game should play, and it’s only in the last five years that we’ve seen them match up to the official games. We’re so glad someone finally hit upon the idea of taking classic side-scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay and updating it with HD graphics. We’re talking, of course, about Pelikan13, who has released a demo for Sonic Fan Remix, an unofficial Sonic game for PC.

The sudden shift in gameplay to a bullet hell shoot ’em up can easily throw players off, and the screen can become absolutely covered top to bottom in bullets, on top of tricky-to-dodge lasers that can’t be countered. What’s more, you can only take three hits before having to redo the entire fight, so God help you if you’re not too familiar with this gameplay style. It’s very likely that Sonic Team also realized this boss may be too hard for Sonic standards, as it is exclusive to Hard mode and the game begins giving you additional lives after a certain number of deaths.



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