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What is the 80 20 rule in a relationship?

tyler perry 80 20 rule

I totally agree with you “anonymous” people are looking for someone to complete them and to make them happy. They fail to realize that that happens from within. While I agree with most of what Santo said, I think that it is important to remember what is at the root of this 80/20 rule.

This is a very subjective thing, the behavior is only offensive because WE perceive it to be, based on what we’ve experienced and learned. Ergo, what is offensive tyler perry 80 20 rule to me may not be offensive to you. How you interpret others words and actions will dictate the relationship and it is solely predicated on your perception.

What is the 3 3 3 rule in a relationship?

In it, something called the 80/20 rule is mentioned. Basically the theory is that when a person cheats, they tend to be attracted to the 20 percent in another person that is missing from the spouse. However, they usually end up realizing that they were much better off with the 80 percent that they already had. Second, we males have to understand that the act of us having sex with a woman and leaving ourselves inside of them is a very emotionally draining activity for women. We just come and lay on our back; women have to deal with the clean up.

  • What we liked at 21 may no longer work for us at 31 so why waste another 10 years when you are not happy.
  • My boyfriend got a huge kick out of it too.
  • You also get 3 hours of uninterrupted TOGETHER time.
  • We would have endless conversations and they would scare me with old sayings like “The Grass isn’t Greener on the Other side” or “Don’t leave what’s for sure for something that’s not certain”.
  • Marcus finally stands up to both his wife and his ex, and then frightens Angela into realizing she is wrecking their life with her constant arguing by not showing up for a couple of days.
  • Easier generic cialis Shampoo sample the an big my fur out.

The character’s this time around are more real, the dialogueslightly more interesting, and the story is better by virtue of not focusing dead-set on being melodramatic. So refreshing to experience a realistic movie that is well worth the expense of a movie ticket.

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This does put having sex , more in favor of the man. I haven’t even mentioned how much easier it is for men to have an orgasm than women. These are points of respect that need to be dealt with.

Since you jump genitals-first for this new interest, you may have given up your 80 per cent loving partner for a 20 per cent fling. More than 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce these days. A main element of the divorce rate is cheating. And why most of the time it’s sexual. The secrets that come out in their heated discussions lead the couples toward a path where they can either choose to reconcile or to separate and the latter is what happens to Sheila and Mike.

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” So think long and hard before you leave your 80 – you could very well be getting a 20 in return. This is so a wonderful post, and the voice in it is so spot on. I especially like the section where you break down that no one can be your “all in all” cuz you can’t and cuz you’re not… HI.larious, but https://accounting-services.net/ so dang true. And even in knowing this, our God keeps on giving us “1 hunn-ed” and we don’t give it a second though. We expect that from Him but sometimes we give God the side-eye when He wants a little bit from us. Thanks for cutting me up and allowing me to bleed out all over this keyboard.

Bill Maher Attacks John Cena, LeBron James, Tom Cruise, Eileen Gu For Siding With Totalitarian China – Deadline

Bill Maher Attacks John Cena, LeBron James, Tom Cruise, Eileen Gu For Siding With Totalitarian China.

Posted: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The other couple Angela and Marcus takes public transportation. Angela constantly argues with Marcus and with anyone who dares to interrupt them.

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When I think about it now I wonder had I missed the chance at meeting my 100 by staying with a person whom I know wasn’t the one because they were nice, established, loving, loyal and into me. When you say goodbye to your 80 it doesn’t mean you leaving a person for someone else or that person isn’t a great person but you are acknowledging that 80 just won’t do for either of you anymore. Logically it doesn’t sound right huh? Welp It caused me to think and honestly I say to hell with 80 and 20. I want 100% and dammit I believe I deserve it and then some.



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