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4 Reasons Marketers Should Use Conversational AI For Education

Because of artificial intelligence, chatbots can help teachers in doing their work without getting them stressed out or exhausted. If you want your institutional staff to increase Conversational AI solution for education their productivity, then you must use AI chatbots. If your educational institution is looking for opportunities to deploy AI chatbots, then this is the right time.

  • In addition, intelligent tutoring systems created based on Artificial Assistance can render personalized learning experiences.
  • Thechatbots developed for educational institutionscost one-tenth of the cost of developing an e-learning platform.
  • Make sure the academic community can access the exact information they’re looking for.
  • Apart from learning materials, the platform can also help students with their assignment due dates, connect with each other and know about important information/events.
  • An online educational space offers flexibility in scheduling and programs of classes, providing students with a chance to interact with their teachers in the manner that best suits them most comfortably.
  • Conversational AI training can be just as convenient for existing team members who may be furthering their training.

Gupshup enables EdTech entities to create consistent conversational user experiences across 30+ messaging channels. Leverage AI and NLP engines to easily configure answers to frequently asked questions. Use pre-trained EdTech-specific AI models to automate course registration, exam notifications, consultative selling workflows, etc. There is a lot of information that educational institutions need feedback on.

Chatbot vs Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Use cases Comparison

Every CogBot comes with a custom dashboard that monitors its performance at work. In addition, your dedicated CogBot Advisor will keep tabs on your digital worker’s performance and alert you if additional training is needed. This collection of resources will demystify everyone’s favorite buzzword. DRUID is an Enterprise conversational AI platform, with a proprietary NLP engine, powerful API and RPA connectors, and full on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments.


Conversational AI can also be used to give personalized support, creating an individualized learning experience for each student. Technological advancements have completely changed the way of getting an education. Long before the pandemic, education became online because of technology.

Accessibility for Students with Special Needs

There is no doubt that the pandemic made unique opportunities and a new revolution in teaching, learning practices and content delivery — and that revolution is microlearning. It provides innovative learning opportunities through small bursts of teaching materials that students can understand in a short period, based on their desired timetable and location. There can be instances where students miss checking their mailboxes and miss out on important information.

Conversational AI solution for education

Unhelpful responses from bots are the second biggest annoyance, reported by 35% of consumers in Helpshift’s 2019 report. People are likely to be more forgiving of a bot that isn’t as in-tune with human language as it should be than one that uses human language poorly. Teachers can now access online education anytime and anywhere by using an AI chatbot. An online educational space offers flexibility in scheduling and programs of classes, providing students with a chance to interact with their teachers in the manner that best suits them most comfortably. This offers a great opportunity to both students and teachers because they are able to reach potential students on their terms. So, it becomes essential to have a robust and intelligent student support system in place.


Georgia Institute of Technology used a chatbot named Jill Watson — created by IBM’s Watson — as one of the nine TAs for a 300-student classroom. Watson” was able to answer approximately 10,000 messages a semester with a 97% success rate. Watson” was so human-like that it took months before one student figured out, through a small technicality, that his TA was actually a bot rather than a human. Her aim is to provide knowledge to users by sharing the knowledge about the latest trends about contact centers.

That’s where chatbots come in, the latest tool to revolutionize the educational sector. When we launched UF’s campus-wide AI Initiative, we needed an easy-to-use platform to give our students hands-on experience with several kinds of AI while appealing to a wide range of technical ability. CogAbility is the only platform capable of supporting our AI education goals for all students at UF – not just in Engineering & Computer Science. The institutional staffs have to do a lot of everyday work that can sometimes make them exhausted and overburdened. They’ve to work several hours continuously, which lessens their productivity. Tracking the attendance of students, checking test papers, and assigning academic tasks to students are some common works that teachers and faculty staffs have to do.

How Dartmouth Provides Next-Gen Service Desk Experience

Right now, UneeQ digital humans are working in healthcare, banking, insurance and telco to name just a few. Everything from their unique appearance to their personalities are being co-designed to create the most positive, lasting impact on users. Digital humans, unlike any other technology, show personality in how they speak, the words they say, their tone of voice, and the body language and facial expressions they use.

Conversational AI solution for education

This will, in turn, help level up your conversational engagement game. At the same time, conversational AI has enabled schools to create a more engaging classroom environment. Students are able to get immediate feedback on their work via chatbots, and they can ask questions outside of class hours to get help when needed. This has allowed students to take control of their own learning, while still getting the support they need from their instructors. Access this on-demand Tech Talk to learn how educational institutions can leverage Conversational AI-powered solutions to enhance the student experience and support staff in responding to day-to-day queries. In both environments, as chatbots are a machine learning technology, they become smarter over time.


Today conversational AI is making the education process interesting, collaborating for the students while simplifying the teaching process. It examines information, evaluates a student’s knowledge level and provides classes considering their personalized requirements. #LetsGupshup to strategize the deployment of AI-powered educational chatbots for your organization. Create unified, personalized student experiences driven by AI-powered conversational and voice analytics and integrative industry-leading speech recognition. Over 71% of conversations with educational institutions can be automated.

What is the future of AI and educational chatbots?

Uses of chatbots for education are likely to grow and become increasingly sophisticated as the technology advances and expands. Researchers have already developed systems that possess the ability to detect whether or not students can understand the study material.



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